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 School of Etiquette Orlando, Florida

About Us

Our goal at Style By Christiana’s School of Etiquette is to ensure the social success of both youth and adults. We utilize a progressive series of fun and interactive etiquette training events to convey social skills, emotional IQ, and confidence that come from a solid foundation in the rules of etiquette. Good manners go hand-in-hand with leadership, hence, those who attain these soft skills are more considerate and successful in their lives.


After attending our etiquette events, guests will be able to apply these social skills effortlessly through any situation and among various groups of people – be it formal dinner, corporate events to a casual dinner date. These skills with help you become fully prepared for that upcoming job interview. You will learn how to dress right for the occasion, what to wear on a date or what not to post on Facebook. You’ll have full knowledge of how to properly set a dining table, make confident introductions and the traditional rules of etiquette. Understanding basic rules is essential to the cultivation of leaders and to the promotion of civility. Style By Christiana puts a modern spin on manners, by making your learning process both relevant and fun.


Here are some of the social skills that you’ll learn in Style By Christiana’s etiquette class


How to:

Shake hands the right way

Use your napkin

Sit across from your partner

Hold the stem of a glass

Walk with good posture

Our Instructor

Christy Lynch is the Founder and Proprietor of Style By Christiana School of Etiquette: the source for modern and approachable instruction in etiquette and leadership for youth and adults. Christy was born into an upper-middle class family where African, traditional values and etiquette are installed both at home and at school. She immigrated to the United States in 1996 and has lived as an expatriate in various countries in support of her husband’s corporate career in a major oil corporation. They resided in countries such as Indonesia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Angola, Nigeria, the UK and the Philippines. With her world-wide travels and wealth of experience in international customs and cultural relations, and as a corporate wife and expatriate, Christy knows the importance of having proficiency in social protocol and manners, and wanted to share those skills with others. She firmly believes that everyone deserves the lifelong leadership skills that fluency in the social graces impart and she’s dedicated to ensuring that they are acquired in a fun and memorable way. Christy earned an Associate of Arts Degree from Florida Community College at Jacksonville (FCCJ) and later onto Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Inter-Disciplinary Social Sciences with a minor in Political Science. She is a certified Etiquette coach, a Certified Image Consultant, A certified Matchmaker and Event Planner.


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