Collar – 12-13-inch
Lies comfortably on the neck
Made of two or more strands
Compliments an evening look
Great style for off the shoulder and v-neck tops

Choker – 14-16-inch
Lies just below the neckline
Made of single or multi-strands
Perfect for any time of day and occasion
Great for a child’s necklace
Princess – 17-19-inch
Ideal for both pendant necklaces and pearls
Versatile length for both daytime and evening
Compliments a crew neck and higher necklines
Matinee – 20-24-inch
Longer than the princess
Well suited for professional and casual attire
Compliments a higher neckline

Opera – 28-34-inch

A single dramatic length, or knotted at the neckline
Ideal for classic or casual attire
Works with both high or crew necklines

Rope – Over 45″

A minimum of 45″ with clasps placed in strategic locations
Can transform length into multi-strand necklace or bracelet combinations
Will transform any outfit into an elegant style

How to Determine your Bracelet Size
To determine the size bracelet you need, measure the distance around the wrist of the person that the bracelet is for by using a non-stretching string or a piece of paper that is about 1/4 inch wide. Wrap this completely around the wrist at the wrist bone. Mark with a pen or narrow marker where it makes a complete circle. Measure the distance marked in inches or inches and a fraction of an inch if not an exact number of inches. Add about 3/4 inch to 1 inch to the distance around your wrist so that the bracelet has room to move. If you like a rather loose bracelet, add a little more than an inch. Use this resulting value to find a bracelet whose indicated size (at the end of the bracelet description) is nearly the same as the size that you determined that you need.

A basic measuring guide:

Petite: 6 1/4 – 6 3/4 inches

Average: 7 – 7 1/2 inches

Generous: 7 3/4 – 8 1/4 inches

Remember, for bracelets with larger gemstones, allow for a little more wiggle room.

The majority of our bracelets fit within the average size.